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Work done this year

big pieces,63 made and 27 sold    small pieces 96 made sold 57    garden art  467 and 145 flowers People through 2900

Work done December

 Big pieces flowerchildren

 Small pieces dreams( dragonfly),sound and fury, Hidden,a fine cup, tackling the romantic poets,thinker, cat and I

 Garden art I pelican, 1 peacock, 1 emu, 1 bee, 2 spiders, 5 horseshoe birds, 4 dogs 1 bird, 2 kookaburras;12 flowers,3 birds on sticks,6 small birds, 2 dragonflies, 2 birdfeeders, 1 cat, 1 catbox, 2 cats, 5 chooks, 2 dinosaurs, 1 flower ring, 2 lovebirds

 Orders: Skipping in red boots, Angel orbit 3,simones lamp top,single chair, sheep,tiger plasmacut,, finished wall-e ,red birdbath,2 birdfeeders, 1 double kooka birds on sticks, music seat alec,mailbox,iron ship, fixed Jans seat and table, 6 triple flowers,fish out of water plant holder,small teapot,gillians piece

Printed thinker and cat

People through 218.

Work done November

 Big pieces 1 chook,sprig and sprite,

 Little pieces: call, wish, lotus girl 2,

 Garden art. 26 flowers, 5 kookas on sticks,1 dragonfly, 1 sheep, 5 horseshoe tortoises,3 owls, 2 snails,23 horseshoe creatures, 6 bird,1 pelican, 8 dog 1 small dog,4 peacocks,4 kookaburras, 2 sunflowers,

Orders: 4 horseshoe birds, 1 dragon fly, 1 sign, 1 small teapot,1 heart seat,1 seat,1 magpieseat, fixed sundial thing,1 letterbox, fixed Jans table,1 bee

Visited 385

Work done October

 Big pieces: ½ a world away 2, waterhole 2,Angel orbit 2,

 Little pieces: Jude superwoman, me and my dog 3, another hero type( Yoiks),You are my superhero,Me and my dog 2,Me and my dog 1

 Garden art: 10 small birds, 7 birds,3 birdbath, 10 flowers triple,4 ducks 4 cats 1 pelican 3 peacock,4 dogs, 6 chooks, 5 flowers, sheep,different chook

 Orders: Jans tree, dog seat, garden arrow stand, greyhound sitting,donkey letterbox,20 ducks


People through 183

Work done September

 Big pieces:fairy tree, leaving the chaos, teapot,big blue recycled,aluminium flower

 Little pieces:2 spade girls, Kathleen book piece,

 Garden art:3 spool plants in pots,1 chook,elephant piston piece, swarf goat,4 dog boxes, 1 cat,2 catboxes, 1 piston robot,3 piston puppies, 2 dragonflies, 2 kookaburras on sticks

 Orders:screen and frame, 2 surf theme gates, Meyers sign, mark memorial

People through: 120

Work done August

 Big pieces Angel/orbit,hard core, island girl, birds in the trees

Little pieces: hungry fish, staple dog,baroque tea lady, lotus girl,the faces we present,striped cat, elephant, dive into a book,tiger, window to the world book piece, the places you will go book piece,same same but different,

 Orders: big swirl repaired, 2 meyer cairs, 2 birdbaths 1 clog tree ,Balance 2, panel for Mark, 1 pug dog sign,firepit yellow,3m arch,waratah, fisherman

Garden art 1 bird, 6 kookaburras,14 flowers, star mirror, flower mirror, 3 butterflies, 3birds on sticks 2 cats, 2 frogs

Furniture: Butterfly seat

146 through over month

Work done July

 Big pieces: Bulb, non conformists, waterhole,Lollypop,ballet girl( reaching)

 Small pieces; Prime bloom , girl with flower in hair,bird with flower in beak, professor,butterflies in the stomach, roller creature with chains,

Garden art; 2 dragon fly, 1 elephant, 1 emu, 5 bird, 2 pelicans, 6 dogs,2 peacocks, 3 cats , 25 flowers, 4 kooka, 1 smallish bird, 5 tiny birds, 3 small dragonflies, 1 birdbath,1 dog box

 Orders : Surfer, sallys rings, junk fisherman,Johns wine rack, johns door, 2 garden panels, kooka seat,2 flat pelicans,joans sculptural flying birds,stephs sign,

186 through over month

Work done June

Big pieces ladder bookcase,Totem, flowerform piece, swirly circles, frillnecked lizard,

Small pieces, Beekeeper, Ironclad, muncher, punkrocks, catbox, treeworld ,rocks in your head, ballet girl, reading pose, Plane Ned,New dress, whiskers, cello, curlgirl ,7 cat pieces,

Garden art 4 peacock, 5 pelicans,1 dragonfly 8 dog, 10 small birds, 8 big birds, 6 kookaburras, 1 chook, 5 tiny birds

Orders Kookaburra seat, sarah pilates piece, tyre holder for leonie, Han’s seat, 1 chaise lounge, Robs resto’s, Tinman, Parrish seat,

Furniture Flower 1table with plasmacut flowers, 1 with curling, 1 with junk,1 spring seat

Prints 9 3 of ballet girls, 3 of sailaway and 6 of reader

227 through over month

Work done May

Big sculptures : finished Toyota, Pieces of 8,free spirit, the value of reading, Motorbike,

Little sculptures: 1 positive cat, 1 negative cat, fixed curly, and dancing girl

 Garden art: 5 cats, 4 dogs, 1 lyrebird, 1 peacock 2 elephant,2 dragonflys, 4 kookaburras, 3 birds, 4 catboxes,5 massed flower cutouts, 4 chooks,2 owls,

Furniture: 2 heart seats,2 hall tables

Orders Birdbath/feeder and house numbers and lady,1 cut out corgi,coffeetable hanging rack and numbers,1 angled birdbath and numbers, 2 haflinger cutouts, 1 phyll seat,1 horse seat, 1 figure for crazy lady,

Did girl and cat prints

peoplethrough 285

Work done April

Big pieces The three sisters, Triffid 2,Rock support, birdie( ballet girl), triffid,Toyota, discrepancy( homage to alberto)

 Small pieces,Joyful dance, Heidi( last book),girl, girl with hair,giraffe, elephant and rhino buses, Hug, wish, fish out of water 3,interaction, butterflying, splash

 garden art,Swarf creature, 5 birds,5 dog, 40 flowers, 3 dragonflies, 2 cats, 3 peacocks, 1 lyrebird, 2 pelicans, 4 ducks 1 dragonfly

 orders penguin, Jens table, Kelpie, Thoms butterfly seat,Kathleens seat,screen,deer chair,Marg Mooneys letterbox,Olivias gates,

304 people through over month.

Work done March

 Big Projects: Twisted, pensive , pecking order, finished holden sculpture

Small works :mother, the window, , moon maiden,2 hinged boxes,tree of stars

 Garden art: 3 kookas on sticks, 2 wrens on sticks , 2 cockies on sticks, 2 dogs,2 pelican, 16 small birds,1 peacock,added birdbath to stone circle sculpture, 3 birdbath,8 flowers 3 flower mirrors,4 owls, 2 butterfly on a stick, 1 giraffe, 1 snail seat, 1 seat,4 cats, 1 dragonfly, 4 ducks,5 chooks, 6 birds,1 echidna, 2 cats on sticks

Furniture: 1 chair with circles and heart,repaired chair from lyn for olivia,

 Orders: romping Dachshund,I horse cutout, sandras honour to dad, Phylls seat with garden theme, mailbox,Johns goanna,Naomis stands, heart seat, Penguin

238 through

Work done February

Big Pieces: Holden sculpture, Namaste, shoe piece, rake piece, auger piece,Mattock piece, bust( lean), Keys in the song of C

 Small pieces: David: Gorey piece,Race, Circle

 Garden art : 4 small horses, 3 cut out horses and a fish

Orders: Heart seat, M seat, J seat,Holden sculpture, bill brace bird,shoe piece, rake piece, auger piece,Mattock piece, Jeanette plantholder, Bull head, cow head,Bills wine stand, Big girls, Heidis lolly trolley, Fire Pit, Horse seat, Grants chair

207 through Ronis exhibition

183 through over month

Works made Jan

 Big sculptures (6)Swirly, Pillar of society, Smile 1, flock, breaking out, ballet girl

 Little sculptures( 11) Kayak, untamed, aria 3, blue shawl, headdress, presence, made watcher into wishing, 2nd fish out of water, right tool, couple knife and fork, playing with the cat,

 Orders repair 2 seats, Jeanettes pot, fire grate repair,2 plant boxes, plane,margies stands, bills bird,1 fish out of water, stephens present, nappy man

 Garden art ( 39 and 23 flowers)1 small horse on a stick, 5 birdfeeder, 4 birds on sticks,2 dogs, 2 giraffe 1 peacock , 1 dragonfly,4 kookaburras,2 bird, 1 pelican,1 peacock,2 newstyle dogs, 2 oldstyle dogs, 2 chooks 23 flowers, 1 lyrebird,1 elephant, 2 ducks, 4 new cats, 1 dog cutout

279 through garden and gallery.

5578 through website