Blue ( Yarram courthouse Gallery)2013

drop - 2013 (SOLD)
This is for the Blue exhibition at Yarram in February.We decided to do an exhibition at Yarram as because I was sharing it with Sue Osborn I thought a title for the exhibition would be blue as she has so many pieces with blue as a strong element.I then had to think what I would do for the show and a big drop of water seemed appropriate.. The drop itself wasn’t blue but the supporting ring was and it just looked great. We do associate blue with water but often it isn’t.. usually brown, polluted or even a range of colours. The recycled offcuts from the plasma cutter were just fine at covering the form and it does suggest our damaging of the environment via the brown and the holes….but such a lovely form.. and it hangs so neatly.
Life dancer - 2013 (SOLD)
Life dancer
This is for the blue exhibition at Yarram in February.For the Blue exhibition I wanted to do another girl. I had a nice sketch in the book and her movement was lovely. I was going to do her dress in stone but then I noticed all the off cuts from the plasma cutter and decided to use them.. they make a lovely complex pattern and the blue bows just add to the general feel of freedom and spinning.As she is on a bearing she actually does spin..but she doesn’t really need to as she seems to be having so much fun as it is.
water supply - 2013 (Recycled)
water supply
going in the blue exhibition at Yarram.We all learned the Water cycle in primary school and with this blue exhibition I thought somewhere in it must be a wave form.. I was playing with some of the lovely junk from my pile and the big ring and the handle came together with the wheely thing as the base form. It still didn’t work until I thought about using the wave form in it… I also had some wonderful offcuts which almost perfectly matched the edges of the circle form and suggested ( to me) water grates in the gutters. I rearranged it and it looked good except lacking bit of life.. The fish seems to tie in nicely and the fact that most of our wastewater ends up in the seas and can cause problems .It all came together nicely( but it is bloody heavy…. Maybe it’s a heavy message!
captain hook - 2012 (SOLD)
captain hook
This piece was made for the �Found things� show and uses this lovely pulley and hook�.I used to be amazed that planes were caught on Aircraft carriers by a tail hook� and to a degree our tow ball is something similar�still this is one of the first pieces I did for this show and again it was just playing with the different forms and seeing what resulted. The flag sort of was needed just to make it a bit more than a standing figure and it does add panache
Chariot - 2012 (SOLD)
I like to empower my characters. I did a little piece a while ago with a girl with an axe running enthusiastically� this piece is sort of from the same vein of thought�.do I feel whipped and controlled like this?.. No ! but I have seen similar situations ( maybe not with the actual whip and chariot) and it seemed an interesting composition to create.. it sort of made me smile.
separate paths - 2012 (SOLD)
separate paths
This piece was recycled from my “5” sculpture I wanted to look at different objects working in the same area but never coming in contact.. Some people go through their whole lives just missing the person who is right for them.( not me!) . In this piece there is a sense of movement and the colours help to make it much more dynamic but still separate. I guess the colours are stereotypical gender colours but really I used them because they work together and are bright! I added the two characters in 2013 to make the story a bit clearer
skater girl - 2012 (SOLD)
skater girl
I have made a few skaters in the past� I am not a skater but I love the idea of the freedom it gives�.My mum when she was in her 60�s thought that it would be good to skate as she wasn�t getting around much�.I didn�t mention that balance would probably be the limiting factor. � For this found thing the skate is probably in just the proportions she ( or me) would need to be able to do this at all�and needless to say it�s a girl on the skate so I could do red and flying hair.!
wild ride - 2012 (SOLD)
wild ride
As part of the �found things� show I am working with all sorts of odd bits and thinking how I can use them. This piece suggested this design and it reminded me of the movie Dr Strangelove and the final scene with Slim Pickens. The bit is out of one of my dead drills but it has a sort of missile /bomb feel. .
Young Rapunzel - 2012 (SOLD)
Young Rapunzel
I have been making� girls� for a while now and I do enjoy making their hair interesting�. In this case I have tried to do a slightly different form and made it a bit more fun by standing her on the bench�Hair is quite a magical thing and I sort of understand why many cultures hide it away� I am always amazed when a girl who has had her hair up in a bun or some such thing , lets it loose�. still my girls hair is a bit �wirey� so it doesn�t quite have the same lustre, shimmer etc of the real thing. �still she has enough attitude to not be fussed by such things.!
Flight of faith - 2011 (SOLD)
Flight of faith
We have a birdman competition at our Melbourne festival (Moomba) and various characters leap off a ramp with odd wing forms attached... into the Yarra River ! I have never done it myself but this form of mania attracts a certain amount of attention. I had a character leaping off a doghouse in a previous exhibition. I love these determined and eccentric characters!
loud - 2011 (SOLD)
I made a sculpture with an old horn previously and because it was spiral form it made a nice snail. This old horn doesn�t have quite the same form so I had to think what I would do. I ended up with a �His Masters Voice� type of layout and the hair on the character standing out can almost make you feel the sound. Just fun!
snail female - 2011 (SOLD)
snail female
I had been given an old car horn and asked to make a snail for a client. It turned out good and I thought it would look even better with an addition. I had another horn in my collection pile and I decided that I would do a similar one but with a girl rider.I suppose I should have made a male rider so I could have �Snail Male� but I like my girls better!
talking to the angel - 2011 (SOLD)
talking to the angel
I listened to the album "Cry Cry Cry" by a band of the same name. It had a song on it called �talking to the angel� by Ron Sexsmith and it inspired this piece. Their song was about a baby but I developed it to an adolescent
father and son 2 - 2009 (SOLD)
father and son 2
I made the first father and son and they were working in opposite directions. This one is more a comment on our similarities. These two characters are box like yet there is still affection and pride . No matter what we look like these things are usually present and this cuts across religions, races and class.