Jindivick Sculpture Show 2013

Adam and Eve Pimpisa Tinpalit - 2013
Adam and Eve Pimpisa Tinpalit
Alien Lawrie Havrillay - 2013
Alien Lawrie Havrillay
Architects Coffee Table Lawrie Havrillay - 2013
Architects Coffee Table Lawrie Havrillay
Bee Friendly by Janice Hunter - 2013
Bee Friendly by Janice Hunter
Bootscooter.. Lawence Marshall - 2013 (SOLD)
Bootscooter.. Lawence Marshall
This piece got an honorable mention and won/was bought by the Mawarra group as part of the Jindivick Community Garden
Cockatoos on cows( cow cockies) by David Doyle - 2013
Cockatoos on cows( cow cockies) by David Doyle
Confined space 1..sue Osborn - 2013
Confined space 1..sue Osborn
Confined Space 2 Sue Osborn - 2013
Confined Space 2 Sue Osborn
Custodian Don Barrett - 2013
Custodian Don Barrett
Don Barret's Flag bearer - 2013
Don Barret's Flag bearer
this piece is inside the Harvest Kitchen
Don Barrett... Swarm - 2013
Don Barrett... Swarm
Don Barret... swarm
drop - 2013 (SOLD)
This is for the Blue exhibition at Yarram in February.We decided to do an exhibition at Yarram as because I was sharing it with Sue Osborn I thought a title for the exhibition would be blue as she has so many pieces with blue as a strong element.I then had to think what I would do for the show and a big drop of water seemed appropriate.. The drop itself wasn’t blue but the supporting ring was and it just looked great. We do associate blue with water but often it isn’t.. usually brown, polluted or even a range of colours. The recycled offcuts from the plasma cutter were just fine at covering the form and it does suggest our damaging of the environment via the brown and the holes….but such a lovely form.. and it hangs so neatly.
Encroachment Sue Osborn - 2013
Encroachment   Sue Osborn
Fungus Baling Twinus Sally Green - 2013
Fungus Baling Twinus Sally Green
Giddy Goanna... Lawrence Marshall - 2013
Giddy Goanna... Lawrence Marshall
Interpetive sign Jessie McLennan - 2013
Interpetive sign Jessie McLennan
My Space by Maria Simonelli - 2013
My Space by Maria Simonelli
Made from Wax winner of non traditional materials prize
My special place - 2013 (SOLD)
My special place
Yet another piece with ladders!! I saw a piece of jewelery in Art almanac and thought that I could reinterpret the idea into a largish sculpture using my panel method. I don’t know what it is about height but we all seem to love some altitude for a view. I have had similar experiences at all sorts of places from the You Yangs to Mt Cannibal but I can concieve of having a rock outcrop on your property which was just yours. The lack of handrails and the chance to sit in a sort of dangerous position is quite sublime.It is sort of an effort to get there but once there you are quite “safe” and in control.A tree house can give a similar feeling but this girl has this “rock outcrop” as her special place.
Oriental Structure Bob White - 2013 (SOLD)
Oriental Structure Bob White
Pan Graham Duell - 2013
Pan     Graham Duell
Seurat Sisters - 2013 (SOLD)
Seurat Sisters
I went to see an exhibition at The NGV entitled the Neo Impressionists and they had some nice work by Signac, Seurat and others. I did like the form of one of Seurat’s girls and I thought the use of rock would give a similar dotty effect( no colour though) I had planned to do two different girls ( suggested by two different paintings) having a conversation and of course with two they can actually interact and create new forms every time you move them.
Space.. Pimpisa Tinpalit - 2013
Space.. Pimpisa Tinpalit
Sphere Sean Diamond - 2013
Sphere Sean Diamond
Sponge Cake Maestro.. Graham Duell - 2013
Sponge Cake Maestro.. Graham Duell
Termite Mounds Don Barrett - 2013 (SOLD)
Termite Mounds   Don Barrett
Winner of the traditional materials Prize and also won the Rotary prize and hence was bought by Rotary for their park in Warragul
The Rabbit Hunter...Bob White - 2013
The Rabbit Hunter...Bob White
Tuna Fish .. Janice Hunter - 2013
Tuna Fish .. Janice Hunter
Twisted Lady ..Margaret Christianson - 2013 (SOLD)
Twisted Lady ..Margaret Christianson
Watch this space by David Doyle - 2013
Watch this space by David Doyle
By David Doyle
Zeppelin - 2013 (SOLD)
The title is a bit sort of obvious and I did think of other titles but it is such a cool word I had to use it..This started off heading to be a seedpod wit people emerging from it( but I had done something similar in the past) and as the shape developed it just called for a more fun interpretation..There was a windmill sitting nearby in the shed and it suggested a propeller and the rest went from there. I am a bit fascinated by flight and also the scale of then original Zeppelins was so gigantic…I sort of think this scale would be nicer.. and more “human”…This battered Zeppelin is the sort of Zeppelin I would make and drive!