I was asked to do some more junk sculpture workshops this year.

neerim bower workshops 2016

angies sweet pea stand - 2016
angies sweet pea stand
what angie wanted to make, it has small animals and characters on it too
Johns black cocky - 2016
Johns black cocky
johns black cocky
Mary annes pipe people - 2016
Mary annes pipe people
mary anne did this lovely pipe people piece
Paul's Peacock - 2016
Paul's Peacock
Paul had done a previous workshop and was keen to develop another idea. It will have glass dishes stuck on the metal discs in the tail. Wonderful
Pete's flower - 2016
Pete's flower
Pete had done the workshop previously and was enthusiastic to come and play again. a great result
sues small birdbath bird - 2016
sues small birdbath bird
also did pipe welding and made some bending jigs