This exhibition started on friday night 18th Nov and finished the first weekend of December at Gary Miles Gallery ( Bradley Hall) Drouin west/ Rokeby. It was a set of sculptures by me that have been done since we have returned from Canada as well some of the pieces that went to Canada and did not sell.The opening was on a very hot day and at the time of the opening a torrential rain storm came through ... putting quite a few people off attending. During the opening the power went out about 4 times.. so an art exhibition in the semi dark is more of an experiece than usual!

Russell Broadbent opened the show after some initial words from Maggie and he made a great speech and I'm sure made a few friends from that night.

For the next few weekends there were at least 2 days of rain and overall we did not get as many people through as we might have hoped. 

List of small sculptures

The diver, Tricycle,The Wall, Fcade,Carried away 2,Reach me down a star, Blinkered, Flying boat, Flight of faith, reflections, Bird on a wire,Eco warrior, My turn, Ballet Rocks, Unicycle.Snail Female,Flower girl, Speaking with the angel, Hoop girl 3, The watcher, Wobble, Joy, skater girl

Big sculptures

Half a world a way, Maple leaf, Five, Reach, Star, Kangaroos, The dress, Bolt, Dragon, centerof it all, Circle bird,four, Dancer

There were 67 small travel sketches, 37 of Marians Big photos,

7 pieces by Laurel Billington

1 piece from Lucy Chapman

4 pieces from Noelen Downie

6 pieces from Anita George

2 pieces from Lisa Kurec

2 pieces from Ingrid Thomas

1 piece from Kerrie Warren

2 pieces from Jessie McLennan

3 pieces fromSue Osborn

1 piece from Adam Price

7 pieces from Joan Price

2 pieces from Helen Timbury

 and 1 piece by Travis Wiltshire

and of course a number of pieces from Gary Miles


It also included photos from Marian. Allof the other artists whose work also went to Canada including Helen Timbury,Ingrid Thomas, Anita George, Lucy Chapman, Jessie Mclennan, Joan Price, Laurel Billington, Sue Osborn, Gary Miles, Noelene Downie, Kerrie Warren, and Travis Wiltshire , Adam Price, and Lisa Kurec had pieces in the show, sometimes the pieces that went to Canada and sometimes new work

.Still we caught up with quite a few old friends, and a number of pieces were sold although only one of the other artists work sold

reflection on Canada exhibition( 2011)Victoria)




Bolt - 2011 (SOLD)
I have created a mesh( a web) where I have used bolts as the structure to symbolize how every thing is interconnected with rock forms at the centre. This is based on the interconnectedness of all living things on this planet. I have been a firm believer in Global warming and it amazes me that some of our leading politicians do not see it as real. With polar bears almost vanishing and lots of other animals suffering and changing their living patterns as a result of the changing weather it seems to me that it is fairly easy to “believe other living things”
Carried away 2 - 2011 (SOLD)
Carried away 2
I had done a number of girls and birds and I thought I should do something similar for the Canada exhibition
center of it all - 2011
center of it all
Centre of it all
Another piece playing with geometry. I made the star shape for another idea but it sat quietly in my shed for a bit. I then was reminded of the Leonardo drawing with man as the centre of a square and a circle and I thought that this idea would be appropriate with both the circle and the pentagon. I added the red to represent life in the middle of an unloving universe although it looks like a red jumpsuit and I cant stop thinking of the �fat elvis� . Still I like the overall effect and the message
circle bird - 2011 (SOLD)
circle bird
This is one of the first pieces done since our return from Canada. We saw a design similar in form to this in Vancouver and I sketched it down and a couple of variations. It is more just a nice Graphic design than a real relation to the Native art there but it called to me to do it in my circle based shapes. I like the complete unity of the piece with all of the forms enfolded within the circle.!
dancer - 2011 (SOLD)
A sketch started this piece as it does many and it was so interesting I wanted to get on to it straight away. I added the leg as I thought it would be a bit too compact but then I had to alter the proportions as it looked a bit skinny in the front. The flow of the form suggests a dancer and the leaning forward also gives movement and balance to the piece.
It sort of has echoes back to the work I did last year for the �New Zealand� exhibition but it extends beyond that is bigger than most of my pieces. This is the second piece I have painted white and overall I am happy with it.
Dragon - 2011 (Recycled)
This piece went to Canada too. It is like a dragons tail and is an extension of the forms I developed from the New zealand trip.
Five - 2011 (Recycled)
This is a piece for the Canadian exhibition. When we were there we saw an exhibition of an artist who had started off with fairly natural work and who had progressed to more abstraction. One of his works involved numbers. When we came back I was looking through some photos and the shape of the 5 suggested a nice form to play with. What does 5 mean to me? Well I have a family of 5, I am in my 50�s,and to a degree I guess to each of us there would be some relationship. One of the things I did like about the piece was that by doing it so large it took away from the mundane 5�s we all write to make it something impressive in its own right. This piece is currently on view at Jinks Creek winery.. Tonimbuk
Flight of faith - 2011 (SOLD)
Flight of faith
We have a birdman competition at our Melbourne festival (Moomba) and various characters leap off a ramp with odd wing forms attached... into the Yarra River ! I have never done it myself but this form of mania attracts a certain amount of attention. I had a character leaping off a doghouse in a previous exhibition. I love these determined and eccentric characters!
flower girl - 2011 (SOLD)
flower girl
I wanted to do a girl hatching out of an egg but when I made the egg it didn�t look egg like enough but the form was such it suggested a flower pod so hence here is flower girl. Shades of snugglepot and cuddlepie!( characters in a children�s story in Australia)
Girl on Bike - 2011 (SOLD)
Girl on Bike
Description to be entered by Laurie
Category: Small Sculptures
half a world away - 2011 (SOLD)
half a world away
Another piece for the Australian/ Canada exhibition. This one is our thoughts at the start ,when going to Canada was � a world away. The piece was inspired by a design of balls rolling down a slope. It took a while to get the basic form together and the patchy side is meant to reflect the multicultural society we come from. It has a bit of a �Titanic � feel and to a degree the unsuccessfulness of the exhibition might have an echo here. The chain was originally going to be a ladder but the idea of some solid links to home has quite a resonance.
joy - 2011
How to express emotions through body language is a constant challenge! Most of my girls are positive and I am sure I have seen scenes of girls strewing flowers as they skip gleefully. Anyway, it�s in my mind and here it is now translated to metal. I cant imagine anything happier! Its great being part of the world!
Kangaroos - 2011 (SOLD)
The Kangaroos.. I did three pair over the year.. the first went to Toorak rd Exhibition and sold, the second was for a lady who had been burnt out and the third pair went to Canada. I gave the tall one to the Bensons who we stayed with and the bending one came home. I made a new taller one and that sold at the Victorian Canada exhibition.
maple Leaf - 2011 (SOLD)
maple Leaf
I wanted to do a piece appropriate to Canada.. this one is going there too. .. so I chose a maple leaf form. Simple but seemingly appropriate
my turn - 2011 (SOLD)
my turn
I ws given this wonderful bit of "junk" by a neighbor and it seemed too nice to use on something silly.. so I did this piece..
reach - 2011
I had the idea of these two points reaching for a star, and I had a bit of choice as to where the star was going to be .. too far out and it starts to look like a flag of one of the Islamic nations. I ended up placing it where it is and using the mosaic mirror for the star which contrasts nicely to the rest of the �junk��.It sort of has echoes of the statement� lying in the gutter but looking at the stars� This was the first piece completed after we returned from Canada, but I had the idea before we left.This piece is currently on view at Gary Miles gallery.
reflections - 2011 (Recycled)
I have used mirrors nearly all my working life and even as a kid I was fascinated by the reflections. I wanted for this exhibition to include odd bits of aspects of my creative life and this piece combines three. I used to work with wood a lot so this lovely piece of burl slab is one aspect. The mirror is the second and the girl is the metal side. I like the combination and I suspect I will follow this path a bit .
snail female - 2011 (SOLD)
snail female
I had been given an old car horn and asked to make a snail for a client. It turned out good and I thought it would look even better with an addition. I had another horn in my collection pile and I decided that I would do a similar one but with a girl rider.I suppose I should have made a male rider so I could have �Snail Male� but I like my girls better!
star - 2011 (Recycled)
I have made a number of pieces where the sum of the parts creates a whole and each part is basically worthless. This is another of those. I wanted to explore using pieces of broken up concrete behind a mesh within an outside shape. I was playing with star forms and I was going to suggest a falling/rising star and I did toy with the idea of a �rock star�. Neither of these ideas seem to be appropriate to the finished piece as it has a bit more �gravity� and I like the idea of this star form floating here above the ground. Maybe a better title will come to me!
talking to the angel - 2011 (SOLD)
talking to the angel
I listened to the album "Cry Cry Cry" by a band of the same name. It had a song on it called �talking to the angel� by Ron Sexsmith and it inspired this piece. Their song was about a baby but I developed it to an adolescent
the big 4 - 2011 (SOLD)
the big 4
I went to see the Vienna exhibition at the National Gallery and there was a lovely( actually quite battered and ugly), box with the number 4 in the middle. Very neat .I thought and as I had just been playing with my �5� piece it suggested itself as a possible sculpture. I seem to have made it bigger than ever.. It needs 2 wheels as bases and the colour I have painted the 4 reflects that the number in the gallery was on a blue box�mind you it was more a navy blue!. Again what does it mean.?. I do like to have meaning of some sort�well we live in a world dominated by numbers, stock markets, computer codes, budgets yet the form of the numbers we use for our calculations is often overlooked�It�s a bit hard to overlook this piece and possibly you might have your own relationship to 4.. it has lots of resonance with squares�lots of symmetry although this one is anything but��.( it is a square,2 by 2.. and it also means 4 sides of a box!)
the dress - 2011 (SOLD)
the dress
I have made a series of figures in the past using junk metal as a comment on fashion. In this case I have used rocks and in part this is it in response to seeing a character using rocks in Canada. He was a rock balancer but that seems a bit hard for me . I liked the idea of a dress made from rocks and I recently saw the white wedding dress exhibition where there were dresses made from clay as sculptures. One of the aspects of pop art was changing materials and recreating the form of things but with another inappropriate material. For a man with little dress sense perhaps this is quite an appropriate piece!
the wall - 2011 (Recycled)
the wall
The wall I used some of that nice burl slab for a wall and created a character on each side. Sometimes we build a wall between us for a variety of reasons and sometimes we have to work hard to break down a wall some one has built. There are a variety of interpretations of this piece and I like that too.