I was offered this little exhibition in Richmond Library through my CAS ( contemporary arts society) membership. Although it was at a busy time of year I was happy to show a range of some of my smaller works.The sketches were up on the wall behind the library desk and the other pieces were in a display case in the foyer. Two other Cas members each bought a piece .Thankyou Cressida and Rosemary. A lovely review of the show was done by Yvonne Patton and published on the society's website. Thankyou Yvonne.Review of Richmond Library exhibition

Sketches /watercolours

Taking the air( balloon girl)

The new bathers( Tori)


Alice( Bubble girl)

Katherine ( That expression)

Jenny( Trust)

Little Grey


The meeting( Big Ginge and Sally)

Summer( Tori)

The wind( Linda)

Big GInge and Sally( The ride) 

Wary( Julie)

the golden tree

Jessie's Hands




Voice of the machine


A fine crop

Hula Girl




 Pushing against the wall

The right piece.

richmond library exhibition oct(2011)