Human Visions. This was meant to be a shared exhibition involving me, Sue Osborn and Shelly Watson Davie. Shell couldnt do it so Sue Osborn and Me shared the exhibition at Charles Smith Gallery in Fitzroy 

human visions 2007

Adam Price making the opening speech - 2007
Adam Price making the opening speech
We thought it appropriate for one of our ex students ( Adam) to open the show.
Clothesline drama - 2007 (SOLD)
Clothesline drama
Wire again and how the pieces interact is my fun here. Again what is the next act?
dogs at the exhibition - 2007 (SOLD)
dogs at the exhibition
I was making lots of dogs and bird then and I had a few in the exhibition in case nothing sold.. there is one of Sues dog paintings in the background.
Emily on the seat - 2007 (SOLD)
Emily on the seat
This is my daughter Emily sitting on the seat I also put in as part of the show... its quite a nice form.
Harry - 2007 (SOLD)
Harry is the male complement to Mavis and the two can interact or live apart( just as in life). Harry has to tell a story, sing a song or just grab a bit of attention. (ď Iím just wild about Harry ď is the title of the sort of song Harry could sing and he sits so he doesnít overpower the company
Harry and Mavis - 2007 (SOLD)
Harry and Mavis
Just nicely positioned.
Mavis - 2007 (SOLD)
Again figure drawing is another major aspect of my art and Mavis was my first larger figure in recycled material.
I love her hands , the tilt of her head and of course her breasts!
Small face - 2007 (SOLD)
Small face
Expression and a touch of an imposing aspect is part of this piece but again the delight of the parts meshing into a recognizable form which obviously has lots of personality is part of the fun.
Sue and Me - 2007
Sue and Me
Just a photo of the pair of us with some of Sues work in the background
Tightrope walker - 2007 (SOLD)
Tightrope walker
Will he make it back to the end? Even though the wire has broken? I lve the capacity of fencing wire to be so strong and his wobble when you toch him is a delight to me.
View of room showing Big Boy - 2007 (SOLD)
View of room showing Big Boy
I love faces and I draw faces all the time. I also love the combination pof various textures and colours that have come together on this piece. I chose some parts to add to the texture and slightly askew aspects of the piece.