This was the second year this show had been held as part of the Creative Gippsland May events and it was in the environs of jack's restaurant, The Barn and The Jindi Gardener. It had some lovely work from Graham Duell, Lyn Childe, Laurel Billington, Adam Price,Anita George, Terry Clark, Mara Hayler, Annalise Rose Marino , Jessie McLennan and John Alcock as well as me.

. “Human Race” by Laurie Collins
recycled steel. $700.00

2. “Tree Owl” by Lyn Childe
Central Victorian Redgum. $350.00

3. “Jindi Owl” by Lyn Childe
Central Victorian Redgum $350.00

4. “Light of Life” by John Alcock
Mixed Media. $230.00

5. “Reaching” by John Alcock
Mixed Media. $230.00

6. “Bursting Faith” by John Alcock
Mixed Media. $180.00

7. “Apsara” by Graham Duell
Ceramic. $1250.00

8. “Go the Hawks” by Graham Duell
Ceramic $1200.00

9. “ Light as a ….” By Annaliese Rose Marino
Limestone $360.00

10. Reaction by Adam Price
Balloons and wire

11. “Platypus” by Lyn Childe
Central Victorian Redgum $350.00

12. “Ned Kelly’s Singlet and Underpants” by Mara Hayler
Steel and Rivets $200.00 for the pair.

13. “Female Head” by Terry Clark
Heuon Pine NFS

14 . “Owl” by Terry Clark
Heuon Pine NFS

15. “Sculpture for small spaces Kangaroo” by Laurel Billington
Handbuilt porcelain $45.00

16. “ Kangaroo 2” by Laurel Billington
Handbuilt Stoneware $45.00

17. “Kangaroo 3” by Laurel Billington
Handbuilt Porcelain $45.00

18. Earthy Girl 1” by Laurel Billington
Handbuilt terracotta $220.00

19. “Earthy Girl 2” by Laurel Billington
Handbuilt terracotta $200.00

20. “Garden Seat for a Small Bum” by Laurel Billington
Handbuilt terracotta and coloured slips $370.00

21. “Porcus Volums” by Graham Duell
Ceramic $250.00

22. “Stingray/Crikey!- Goodbye Steve Irwin” by Mara Hayler
Expanda Foam and Fibreglass $200.00

23. “Lady of Birds” by Laurie Collins
recycled steel. $700.00

24. “Flight” by Laurie Collins
steel and rock. $800.00

25. “Landscape” by Laurie Collins
recycled steel $700.00

26. “Drink/Drive” by Mara Hayler
Timber and beer bottle tops. $200.00

27. “Mountain Bike” by Laurie Collins
Recycled steel $800.00

28. “Smiling Brian” by Jessie Mclennan
Ivory, concrete and polyfibre $537.00

29.”Big Red”
By Laurie Collins
Recycled steel $700

30. “Air “by Laurie Collins
Recycled steel $700

31.”Climb” by Laurie Collins
Recycled steel $800

32. Each spring the song of the universe begins again
A weed is plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered
By Anita George $180

33.Black and white word Pole
By Anita George $100

34 Life is not at all thus it is entirely otherwise by Anita George $80

35.Quiet country lane, dusty sweetness of ripe raspberries waft fragrance by Anita George $100

36.Jumping Kangaroo
Ceramic Graham Duell $1250


Jindi Sculpture show 2011

flight( Flying rock) - 2011 (SOLD)
flight( Flying rock)
I have incorporated rocks in some of my small pieces from time to time and I have been impressed by another sculptor who creates pieces where the rocks hang from wires. I have played with balance for quite a few years now and this is the first piece where I have taken the ideas of some of my smaller works and created a big piece from it. I love the magic of a rock being in the air and the wings give it a whimsy that appeals to me. It also reflects my amazement that planes made from steel/ aluminium etc….. all rock based minerals, actually fly. This basalt rock is from the ground near my home and I had “discovered” it with the mower for a number of years. It gives me pleasure that this nuisance rock is now being a delight as part of my work.
Girl and birds - 2011 (SOLD)
Girl and birds
I have drawn girl faces for quite a while..not quite sure what I like about them.. possibly the hair.. the unattainable beauty..the trying to get a likeness. I had not tried to do one in steel up to now and rather than just trying for a portrait I thought something symbolic would be more fun. I added the bird shapes and this allowed for different colours to be incorporated. It also gives it a slightly witchy natural spirit aspect to it .
At this point in time it is down at Koonwarra at Lyrebird hill winery(2011) as part of the sculpture in the vinyards show
Human race - 2011
Human race
This piece was made for the easter arts festival which had the theme of “the Gift” in 2011.Who is chasing who? Obviously this is about love..and running..( I don’t run much..if at all) but the Stawell gift is held at easter and I thought I would take a running theme for this piece. Again when they are running/chasing they are not aware of all the junk that hold them up.. community traditions everyday life.. the focus is on the race and like the Stawell gift it achieves an importance until the end is met or the aim is gained...It applies to all of us in some way.. and my only sadness is that in this depiction the pair will never combine.. except in spirit.
This piece is currently on view at Mingara Gallery Phillip Island
Smiling brian by Jessie Mclennan - 2011
Smiling brian by Jessie Mclennan
This is Jessie's piece smiling Brian.. its one of te few photos of other people work I took at the show... Maybe next year I will do better.. till it does show a distinct contrast to mine