Canadian Reflections
Well we went to Canada in June /July this year. We took an exhibition of our work and a collection of other artists of West Gippsland to Quesnel ( which is a smallish town in the middle of British Columbia),( a state on the west coast of Canada).
The exhibition was well received and we had lots of positive comments about the work although we didn’t sell hardly anything. We toured BC and a bit of Alberta, taking photographs, doing watercolour sketches, visiting galleries and generally enjoying ourselves. We mainly went by Bus, train and Ferry and we stayed in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Port Hardy, Prince Rupert and Prince George and Victoria. We kept a blog which is part of this exhibition .. and still accessible from my website.
We met quite a few Canadians and we stayed in Quesnel with our friends Jim and Anita Benson.This was quite an experience as Jim has a mammoth wood collection! and they live on one of the many lakes in the area.
Of all the art we saw we were very impressed by the Native Indian carving of some of the tribes of the west coast and we learned a bit about Canadian art especially Emily Carr.
My expectations were that the Canadians would be Australians with funny accents. But this was not quite the case. We found the Canadians in general more reserved and conservative and very focussed on their concerns…not so interested in our art and not so curious .In the main we found them to be friendly but not “friends” in our sense of the word.
We did enjoy our time and to a degree this exhibition reflects that in both the images and the influences.

Small sculptures
Small steel sculptures mostly on painted wooden bases
1. Flag girl $150
2. Ballet Rocks $150
3. Reach me down a star $200
4. Flower girl $200
5. Heavy heart $150
6. Looking for love $150
7. Leaving home $150
8. Worlds Apart $300
9. Eco warrior $250
10. Joy $150
11. Tricycle $200
12. Flying boat $200
13. Carried away 2 $300
14. Reflections $200
15. Red sails $200
16. The Wall $300
17. Hoop Girl 3 $150
18. Unicycle $150
19. Snail female $200
20. Pushing against the rough stuff $150
21. Wobble $150
22. Bird on a wire $200
23. Flight of Faith $200
24. The watcher $150
25. Skater girl $150

Big sculptures
Mainly recycled steel pieces
1. Kangaroos $800( Pair)( one on Blackwood board, one on Redgum board)
2. Maple Leaf $800
3. Dragon $800
Junk Sculptures
1 junk bird $70
2Junk dogs $140

Paintings and Prints

“Preservation Creek “( Mt Poole Series) Tibooburra area Gary Miles (Oils)
1.26m by 1.2m $4700

Sue Osborn Paintings (Acrylic) 1.26m by 0.8m each $1200 each

Kerry Warren “Fire Bug” (oils) 0.7m by 0.7 m $1900

Noeleen Downie “Parrot Tree” (Acrylic) 0.95m by 0.85m $900

Helen Timbury “Ironbound Range” Lino cut Print 0.4m by 0.4m $200
“Fjaeldmark Rocks” Lino cut Print $200

Laurel Billington“ Good Puss” Etching 0.25m by 0.25m $150
“ Potters Portrait” Hand coloured Linocut 0.25m by 0.25m $150
“Survivor” Linocut 0.3 by 0.4m $380
“ See The Light” Hand Coloured embossed Woodcut $450

Travis Wiltshire "Attracted by the Light" Pastel 0.5 by 0.6m $500

Lucy Chapman Pastel “Kimberly Rose” 1.05 by 1.02m $860

Joan Price"Dont Manipulate me Miss" (Acrylic )0.9 by 0.32m $250
"Outback" 0.6 by 0.5m $300

Lisa Kurec “Summer Fields” Etching 0.4 by 0.3m $160
“Ukrainian Mans Shirt” Etching 0.4 by 0.3m $160

Jessie Mclennan “Torso” (Watercolour) 0.43 by 0.34m $90

LePevsner and the Thinker Watercolour 0.43 by 0.34 $90

Adam Price Mixed media “1 small step backward for mankind” $800

5 Marian Collins New Zealand Photos 0.4 by 0.5m $50 each

3 Laurie Collins ink sketches 0.3 by 0.2 $50 each

Anita George “Struth” (Acrylic) 0.1 by 0.4 $170
“Bonzer” Acrylic) 0.1 by 0.4 $170
“Mate” Acrylic) 0.1 by 0.4 $170

Ingrid Thomas Painting ( acrylic) 0.7 by 0.8m $500



Quesnel Exhibition( laurie Collins and Friends)


bird on a wire - 2011 (SOLD)
bird on a wire
I like the Leonard Cohen song bird on a wire and I have interpreted it literally .. sort of in the same vein as flight of faith.
Carried away 2 - 2011 (SOLD)
Carried away 2
I had done a number of girls and birds and I thought I should do something similar for the Canada exhibition
Dragon - 2011 (Recycled)
This piece went to Canada too. It is like a dragons tail and is an extension of the forms I developed from the New zealand trip.
eco Warrior - 2011 (Recycled)
eco Warrior
Eco warrior
I did this piece for a show called art Blitz where they give you the theme of the show on Friday evening and you have to present your piece on Saturday evening! The theme for this year was �green� and I had the idea of a frog girl� at a previous show I had a girl �standing� on a spider� so this one came together quickly. I added the trees and the green skirt and I thought it was quite presentable� presumably the judges didn�t and someone else won�still this girl got a trip to Canada out of it!
Flight of faith - 2011 (SOLD)
Flight of faith
We have a birdman competition at our Melbourne festival (Moomba) and various characters leap off a ramp with odd wing forms attached... into the Yarra River ! I have never done it myself but this form of mania attracts a certain amount of attention. I had a character leaping off a doghouse in a previous exhibition. I love these determined and eccentric characters!
flower girl - 2011 (SOLD)
flower girl
I wanted to do a girl hatching out of an egg but when I made the egg it didn�t look egg like enough but the form was such it suggested a flower pod so hence here is flower girl. Shades of snugglepot and cuddlepie!( characters in a children�s story in Australia)
flying boat 2 - 2011 (SOLD)
flying boat 2
hoop girl 3 - 2011 (SOLD)
hoop girl 3
Grace and style these are things I tend to lack so when I see even small children able to handle a hula hoop and not look silly, then I feel old! However, I used to be able to do this and not look silly and it is one of those things that always amaze that a simple device like this can provide hours of fun and challenge. I made one hula girl for a gallery and this is the third of the type though slightly different as I saw a picture of a girl holding it like this as part of a dance.
joy - 2011
How to express emotions through body language is a constant challenge! Most of my girls are positive and I am sure I have seen scenes of girls strewing flowers as they skip gleefully. Anyway, it�s in my mind and here it is now translated to metal. I cant imagine anything happier! Its great being part of the world!
Kangaroos - 2011 (SOLD)
I did a pair of Kangaroos in January. I then entered them in� the Toorak sculpture show( but decided to do two more for this) and then decided to do two more to go with the canada exhibition. Here are the two in Toorak.. on Toorak Rd Near Grange Rd.. They sold too!
Reach me down a star - 2011 (SOLD)
Reach me down a star
My mum was a tall woman...( I am tall too) and one of her pet hates was people asking her to reach them down a star... no one ever asked me so I guess it was time specific.. anyway the idea appealed to me and this is the result
reflections - 2011 (Recycled)
I have used mirrors nearly all my working life and even as a kid I was fascinated by the reflections. I wanted for this exhibition to include odd bits of aspects of my creative life and this piece combines three. I used to work with wood a lot so this lovely piece of burl slab is one aspect. The mirror is the second and the girl is the metal side. I like the combination and I suspect I will follow this path a bit .
snail female - 2011 (SOLD)
snail female
I had been given an old car horn and asked to make a snail for a client. It turned out good and I thought it would look even better with an addition. I had another horn in my collection pile and I decided that I would do a similar one but with a girl rider.I suppose I should have made a male rider so I could have �Snail Male� but I like my girls better!
the wall - 2011 (Recycled)
the wall
The wall I used some of that nice burl slab for a wall and created a character on each side. Sometimes we build a wall between us for a variety of reasons and sometimes we have to work hard to break down a wall some one has built. There are a variety of interpretations of this piece and I like that too.
Pushing against the wall - 2010
Pushing against the wall
We often run into walls in our life. Hopefully not literally! Sometimes we can see a way around, or see what is on the other side and other times it is just a complete barrier. Sometimes we have to work hard to break down a wall some one else has built. There are a variety of interpretations of this piece and I like that too.
a fine crop - 2009 (SOLD)
a fine crop