Wild Dogs Project.

Kerrie Warren put together this project. It was about a group of Gippsland artists( Kerrie warren, Gary Miles, Leonie Ryan, Jenny Murray- Jines and Eileen Harrison.. and me) doing a series of work on Gippsland, putting a show on in some of the regional galleries , reaching Melbourne( queens Hall) and then going to our sister city in China Jiu Jiang

This is kerrie warrens summation of the project.Kerrie Warrens basic plan and rundown of the Wild dogs project

This really was the first time anyone had taken me seriously as an artist and I enjoyed the challenge of stepping up to this level... I dont think I have looked back since.

Here is the link to the ABC story about the project.abc story about wild dogs project

In my series for this exhibition, I felt right from the start that I should try to represent facets of the human element of Gippsland. Although landscape is an integral part of our lives, in most people’s comments about their travels , the people and the culture are what they were fascinated by.
Although parts of Gippsland are becoming more citified, most of the quality of the environment is rural. I have tried to depict a range of the human activities that are an integral part of the Gippsland people I know and are also representative of activities of the Australian population in general.
A part of our brief was that the exhibition might travel to China and I also thought of what the Chinese might find unusual and different about our lives compared to their own. Hence, most of the images are of activities, which although they may have a parallel in China, are not the ones I associate with the Chinese.
I work with metal, mainly cast off steel and I feel that there is beauty in the forms and shapes of pieces of steel which have served one life and now are part of another existence. Very little of the steel in the pieces in this exhibition is new although in many cases , in making the figures, much of its former life has been subsumed.
I am part of the people of Gippsland and as a teacher and an artist I delight in the variety of ideas, activity and culture that I am exposed to every day.
In my drawings, people are the main element and in this case, my sculpture also focuses on this aspect
Much of my art is a coming together of forms and sometimes elements such as proportion and detail, are not fussed over if the idea is conveyed.
I don’t “finish” pieces beyond a certain point and although this roughness is an annoyance to others , I enjoy the roughness and smoothness given by the processes I use.

Wild Dogs Project

China - 2008 (SOLD)
We were amazed by the friendliness of the people and their numbers. In the morning, when we walked around the lake there were people doing Tai Chi, Ballroom dancing and all sorts of other activities. The streets were thronged with motor scooters and bikes( not a helmet in sight) street sweepers, beggars and people doing business on mobile phones . . To show the multitude of the people this is my way. ( I had seen a similar idea years ago using trees as the multitude) but some how this seemed the way to do it.
I ended up breaking this piece up and some of the parts we took back to China when we went again with the school trip and I gave bits to the education minister, the artist dad who gave us the wonderful calligraphy and one of the school principals
chinese sign - 2008 (SOLD)
chinese sign
when we came back from China we did an exhibition "Gumbay" and this piece was one part of it
local( at Parliament house) - 2008
local( at Parliament house)
Here is a view of my piece "LOcal" at Parliament house Vic
looking down on queens hall Parliament house - 2008
looking down on queens hall Parliament house
looking down on the wild dogs project from the balcony at Queens hall
Pollies and wild dogs - 2008
Pollies and wild dogs
Wild dogs with David Balfour( councillor) John So ( lord mayor of Melbourne) ,Ted Baillieu( shadow minister for the arts) and Gary Blackwood ( local member)
queens hall and wild dogs - 2008
queens hall and wild dogs
a good view of my work in Queens hall
queens hall Parliament house - 2008
queens hall Parliament house
The work displayed in Queens hall Parliament house
view of work at Parliament house( Vic) - 2008
view of work at Parliament house( Vic)
Part of the project was to present the work at Parliament house. This is a view of the scene
wild dogs and pollies - 2008
wild dogs and pollies
Here are the wild dogs at Parliament house with Gary Blackwood( local member) and Ted Baillieu( shadow minister for the arts)
Footballer - 2007 (SOLD)
Aussie Rules is the most common football code played throughout the Gippsland region. We have produced some great players in this code and even though almost all types of sport are played in different areas of Gippsland, I felt some form of representation of the agility, grace and physical nature of the game should be part of the exhibition. Sport is not a common theme with artists and I felt that this was an appropriate exhibition to try to show the beauty that is present in the physical nature of the game. Metal also allows balance and movement and I could not resist the challenge.
Local - 2007 (SOLD)
This is the large rugged face set on a block of red-gum. We have a variety of characters around the place who are almost identical to this rugged piece. The small pieces of metal that make up the face suggest that although the “image “ is rough and unified , there are many different facets to each character and when you read the life stories of some of our locals this is quite appropriate. The block of red-gum relates to a grounding in nature and although red-gum isn’t a common timber in this specific area it is a species found right throughout all of Gippsland.
mower man - 2007 (SOLD)
mower man
The climate of this part of Australia means that the average house yard requires mowing nearly every week at some times of the year. Mower man is an almost vanishing breed, in that many of the new estates in our local area need a ride on mower to keep the grass down. Also, he is smoking, a much less socially accepted past-time and his daggy hat, shorts and thongs mean he is not taking the safety precautions that many modern citizens use. The dog ( not quite so wild dog), following in his wake, barking and being ignored due to the sound of the mower is also a common feature of the recent past.
shopper - 2007 (SOLD)
We have our share of beautiful svelte bodies and any visitor to the beaches of Gippsland would testify to this. Again, an unrepresented aspect of the female form is middle age and also when you mention Gippsland to most people they comment on rain and cold. Hence, my shopper is bulky ( although under that wrapping there may be beauty) and very involved in the passion of shopping which is afflicting many citizens. She is just starting out because all her bags are empty and I could not resist the reference to our wild dogs name by including the type of dog favoured by these focussed amazons.
wild dog - 2006 (SOLD)
wild dog
we had a preview show in the west gipps art centre and this piece was one